Q: How do we go about picking a teacher for our student?
A: We have several wonderful teachers that are available different days of the week. They are all great with beginners and are well-rounded in theory & technique as well as different genres of music. Some teachers are only here a couple days a week where others are here full-time. If you read about a teacher that you like, feel free to ask about their openings when you inquire. If not, don't worry, because we will find a time that works for you with a great teacher.

Q: I am an adult and have never played an instrument before. Do you also offer beginning lessons to adults?
A: Absolutely.

Q: What am I committed to if I sign up for lessons?
A: We do our lessons month to month. When you sign up, you are committed to one month at a time. You may stop lessons at the end of any month, but you do not have to re-sign up each month.

Q: Can I take a one-time lesson just to see if I enjoy it?
A: We can set up a one-time lesson consultation for you. The consultation will cost the amount of tuition, or $23.75. If you decide you want to continue after that, you will need to pay for the rest of the month.

Q: Do you allow once-a-month or bi-weekly lessons?
A: We only allow once-a-week lessons. It is important to make sure you can commit to coming to your lesson each and every week before you sign up.

Q: What if I need to change my lesson time for a certain week?
A: Due to our teachers having full schedules, we are unable to guarantee changing a lesson time. Give your teacher plenty of notice for a changed lesson time and they will do their best to accommodate.

Q: What if I don't want to set up an Autopay for lessons?
A: We require some form of payment on file for lessons, either with a debit/credit card or voided check. It will come out of your account on the 5th of each month. If you like to make your payments in person, you are more than welcome to- but we will still need a form of payment on file that we will automatically charge unless you make the payment in person before the 5th. We do not send out bills, so there are no reminders that the payment is due.

Q: My student wants to take a break from lessons. Can we still keep our spot?
A: We will hold your students spot for up to 1 month. Due to our waiting lists for all instruments, we cannot hold it for any longer than that. You will not be charged the full $95 for the month you are taking off, but you will be charged $45 as a spot holding fee.

Q: A half hour a week doesn't seem like enough time for me. Can I take an hour lesson or multiple lessons per week?
A: We recommend starting out with a half hour a week. It is plenty of time for most students. If you and your teacher agree that you need more time, they will just need to find an hour time slot that will work for you or find two times in their schedule in the same week that will work. The tuition for an hour or two lessons per week is $180.

Q: How do I properly inform my teacher that I will not be at my lesson?
A: If your teacher has given you their number, you are always welcome to call or text them directly. You may also call the lesson center at 479-273-2600 to let us know you will not be at your lesson. Leaving a message on the voicemail is acceptable notice if no one answers.

Q: How much notice do I need to give to discontinue my lessons?
A: You must give at least a week's notice to ensure you are not charged for the next month of lessons. If you are stopping lessons in the middle of the month, you must let us know before we run the billing for that month. Otherwise, we cannot refund or prorate the lesson tuition. You must let our lesson coordinator know that you are stopping lessons in order for the billing to be shut off.

Q: How do you handle holidays where you are closed?
A: There are 4 times a year in which there is a 5th week in the month that will fall on your lesson day. Meaning some months you may get 5 lessons instead of 4 (if all lessons are attended). We do not charge extra for the 5th week, which is why we do not pro-rate tuition for holidays. The extra lessons make up for every holiday in which we are closed.

Q: What is your policy on make-ups?
A: We do not guarantee make-ups due to our teachers having full schedules. It is best to come to your scheduled lesson time. If you know you are going to miss your lesson and give the conservatory/your teacher at least a 24-hour notice, we will do our best to accommodate a make-up as schedules allow. If you "no show" to your lesson or call the day of, you are not eligible for a make-up.

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